Gated Wye Valve for Fire Hydrant and Pool Pumps

ACE Fire Preparedness

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Gated Wye Valve

"An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure," Ben Franklin  

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Points: You must have this with hoses, a wrench and 2 nozzles to protect your home in the event of an unexpected catastrophic event.

Product Description

Inlet 2 1/2" female NST (NH) Swivel connects to fire hydrant

Outlet (2) 1-1/2" male NST (NH)

For use with water only

Cast steel

Pin lug swivel



Type: Gated Wye Valves

Material: Steel and chrome plated


Red and chrome

Weight (lbs) 6.05

It’s my honor to serve you better than anyone can.

If you live near a brush fire or forest fire corridor please read!

During the Santa Ana winds, do you have trouble sleeping?

I did until I installed the components I need to hook up to a pool pump or fire hydrant on my porch. I’ve alerted property management and neighbors and offered use in the event of fire.

I saw the Woolsey Fire start, I stepped up to do whatever I can to serve the community which resulted in staying out all night with a friend putting out hotspots on the perimeter of The Summit in Woolsey Canyon. It was nuts! By the grace of a divine intervention the wind stopped blowing.

I’ve made in my mission to help others be prepared for an unexpected catastrophic event to protect there home and property.

I joined CERT as a volunteer with a 12 week training course designed by FEMA and The Los Angeles Fire Department. I learned that people are just not prepared.

I’m committed to help home owners, property owners, building owners sleep with certainty at night during the high winds by providing the components needed to be prepared and ready to take action in the event of an unexpected catastrophe.

Please watch the documentary on the “Paradise Fire@ on Netflix.

Please, if the fire breaches you home, run, ok buy this time your car is packed, backed in the driveway and ready to go, your family has been evacuated.

What does ACE Fire Preparedness offer?

I’ve been in the apparel industry for 40 years. I am outstanding at manufacturing. It’s my passion to serve others.

If fire is heading your way, you must assume the fire department is not coming. They couldn’t provide service in Woolsey Canyon. There’s 4 million people in Los Angeles, 350 fireman stationed in The Valley and a total of 1000 fireman in the country and city. You must do your part to help these incredible men and woman. Choose, ok, fire is coming and you’re waiting for the fire department to come or you’re busy hooking up hoses to the fire hydrant and defending your property? Which one is it.

Keep in mind on a fire hydrant there are two outflow valves one is 5 inch for the fire departments hose and the other is 2 1/2 inch for the one and a half inch hose I am manufacturing. If the fire department comes and needs the hydrant you’re not in the way.

I am manufacturing “outstanding quality” 1 1/2“ x 75’ certified and tested Fire Hoses, the Siamese FHC (Fire Hose Connector) gated valve you need to attach to a pump or fire hydrant, nozzles and wrench to turn on the water.

What I’m offering is affordable. It’s half the price of the major suppliers. Same equipment, half the price. My cast iron Wye Valve retail is $149.00. The same valve sells for up to $350.00 from other companies.

I certainly sleep better during the winds having my ACE fire prevention tool kit on my porch. I’m ready and trained to jump into action in the event of an unexpected catastrophe. I’m ready to hook up to the fire hydrant with enough hose to protect the front and back of my house. The myth of standing on a roof with a garden hose is nothing but a waste of water and water pressure. Roofs don’t catch on fire. You must fight the embers. You must be prepared.

I will teach you and I will install your kit. If I can not come in person, I am producing video to teach you. If you’re keen on stepping up and having this equipment to use with a pool pump or fire hydrant please know that you must work in a two man team and practice. Preferably you are a community leader. The TV News is predicting that this fire season is going to be bigger than the past couple of years. Fire Preparedness and readiness is a serious commitment to step up and serve your neighbors in the event of an unexpected incident.

I’ve got the valves in stock that retail for $149. I’ve got fire hose nozzles in stock that retail for $24 my price 12.99. I’ve sold out of my first round of hoses I’m taking orders. My hoses are 69.00 for 75’ x 1 1/2 “ with brass plated couplets. Every hose is Certified and tested at the factory.

Please visit for more information.

If you’re a homeowner, apartment buildings owner, horse ranch owner, mobile home park owner or resident with proximity to a fire hydrant I would like to meet you. Please open the conversation here on Nextdoor. I will respond ASAP.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. You’re allowed to use a fire hydrant. Be prepared! Energy goes where focus flows. Step up. Doing something is better than doing nothing and depending on others to come to save your home.

Please, I am begging not to bring any negative, comments on my thread. You’re allowed to use the fire hydrant in the event of a catastrophic situation when the fire department can not serve you. I am offering 1 1/2” hoses for the FHC. You are not interfering with the Fire Department. The Firemen use the larger FHC for the 5”hoses. You must train and practice in a two man team. Safety first. End of story. Be prepared! Lake Chatsworth has not lost one home in 24 years! The community is in a defensive mindset and are prepared to self defend.

Thank you. It is my honor to serve you and the community doing my part getting ready for fire season which, according to the news, will be bigger than last year.

Sherwin Ace Ross
ACE Fire 🔥 preparedness.

Be prepared. You have to assume the fire department is not coming.

For more information and training videos please visit is

Thank you stay safe, God bless and God bless America.

Please watch this video on how to attach the valve to the fire hydrant.

Sherwin Ace Ross