The Shield, revolutionary design Face Mask “Your Kiss is on my List”, adult face mask

A.C.E. American Clothing Enterprises

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A.C.E. washable masks are 3 layers. One is a printed cotton and the second is non porous non woven fabric that comes with the highest protection and helps reduce the spread of viruses. The third layer is a copper infused antimicrobial non woven, very effective in protecting against bacteria and micro dust air pollution.

It can be used everywhere: at work, outside of your house, the supermarket, or simply any other place where protection may be required.

Bacteria filtration efficiency
Two layer filter protection
Fluid resistance
Soft & non-irritating
Comfortable & Easy to breathe through
Certified quality passing the wind and spit tests.
Adjustable ear loops.

Thank you for your trust. We are grateful to serve you better than anyone can.

Sherwin Ace Ross
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