Children’s 2-12 made for Kids face masks, disposable face masks 20 piece pack.

American Clothing Enterprises

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20 piece pack of adorable drawings for children art printed on to the three ply filter disposable face-masks.

These are very lightweight and breathable. If your child does not feel comfortable or has difficulty breathing with the cotton masks, the feedback I’m getting is children prefer the paper masks. Mind you the paper filter masks are more effective than cotton masks.

The 20 pack includes 20 pieces of the sun, clouds and smiley face prints.

There is a nose cinch and elastic ear loops. (Please do not have a tug of war with the ear loops they can break off of the mask.)

Thank you for allowing me to serve you and your family during these unprecedented times. 

I am grateful, my intention is to serve you better than anyone can.

All we need is Love,

Sherwin Ace Ross