For Children: what’s behind the mask?

Experts suggest acclimating children to masks at home and drawing a connection to superheroes’ uniforms.
The most important information I can giver you as parents is to teach your children that this is not a toy.
Our children’s masks are a creative, breathable, protective opportunity for your child to take a box of crayons and draw colors and and make their own thoughts on their own masks.
When your kids see you wearing your mask they must be so many questions that they have.
Dr. Harold Koplewicz, the president of the Child Mind Institute, which has extensive coronavirus resources for parents, said, “I think it’s important to explain to kids that people are wearing masks as a way to help others — otherwise they assume it’s because they’re dangerous.” Children should think of this as an act of social responsibility, he said, and it might help to compare it to washing hands, as something you do to keep yourself safe, but also to help protect others.

Does your child suffer from maskophobia?